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Steve Sundram

A magical, mystical quality emanates from Steve Sundram's paintings, turning our eyes away from the day to day world and reopening them to the secret realms of nature. His work is suffused with a luminosity that reflects his reverence for the Earth and awakens us to a sense of timeless beauty. Born in Australia, Steve has emerged as one of the world's finest environmental visionary painters. Due to the popularity of Steve's paintings, his images can be found throughout the world on products as diverse as art prints, to music boxes, calendars, phone cards, photo albums, note cards, coffee mugs, greeting cards, T-shirts and even on gift tins for chocolate. Steve's approach to the environment is that if we can occasionally focus our attention away from our busy world to the simplicity of a waterfall or the beauty of the ocean and sky, we receive a nourishment that can never be attained by all our worldly activities. "In all the art that I create, the one element I endeavor to convey is a sense of beauty in my paintings. When I can see the beauty of nature, it is then natural for me to care for the environment rather than pollute it!" "I trust that my art will remind people of the earthly and mystical beauty of nature and how precious it is to each one of us."

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