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Steve A Roberts

An artist of vision and technique, Steve A Roberts is entirely self-taught in his skills. This he did by studying the works of his childhood heroes - legendary fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta and The Brothers Hildebrandt. Steve received his only formal training when he sat in on classes at the Ringling School Of Art. He was born in central Florida, in a little town called Palmetto, a stone's throw from the Gulf of Mexico. He began drawing like most artists as a young child. Later he spent twelve years in Alaska, a place that had always stirred in his imagination. In that time Steve drove a cab in Anchorage, worked construction, built a log cabin on forty acres and painted the wonders of this Fairytale land. Returning to Florida Steve started his company, "Fantasy Graphics". Steve is now recognized as one of the most talented new artists in the field of fantasy illustration.

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