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John Enright

In the last twenty years, John Enright has produced over 300 paintings devoted to the Sea and his mission is to preserve the beauty of our natural Earth. His work has been exhibited in many galleries worldwide and gained enormous popularity for their incredible detail and elegant brushwork. Highly realistic and yet fantasy oriented, these paintings have a soothing, magical quality that has become collectible. Over 100 products have been graced with this artists paintings. A special selection of John Enrights UnderSea Paintings feature hidden and camouflaged elements, profiles, faces and symbols for the discerning viewer to seek and find. John enjoys the idea that viewers can explore his paintings to discover many elements "beneath the surface". The lush color and dynamic compositions shimmer with light from above, as a myriad of sealife dance beneath the waves, through the coral reefs and within the undersea ruins of past civilizations. Throughout his work, there is a message of hope for humanity, for the environment and sealife that has come under so much attack in the last few decades.

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